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Get promoted to a more enjoyable and rewarding assignment.

Many individuals are entering the workforce with a large outstanding educational debt on their back and are looking to build a retirement savings that is in excess of $1.5 million to just meet these needs requires a very aggressive and effective career cycle. Our system will lead and guide you to minimize your risk of failure. While increasing your enjoyment of success.

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Our analysis indicates that 4/5 people that are qualified do not get selected. By focusing on why the one individual selected was the preferred candidate we developed a program that prepares you with the skills and leaves an impression that sets the winning candidate apart.

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Your future career success is based on the efficiency and effectiveness you provide Customized Customer Service to your internal and external customers and your self-confidence. Our lifeline career planning methodology provides the straight-line route with checkpoints along the way to keep you on track and that guides you to your desired goals faster and with less effort.

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The business world is constantly changing. However, the need for customized customer service for both internal and external customers never goes away.

The Customer Experience

Organizations need to focus on creating a memorable Customer Experience. They have to learn to see themselves as service leaders – not as banks, hospitals, supermarkets, governments, or hotels.

To achieve this, the most critical skill is the ability to make your customers happy by delivering World Class Service both internally and externally.

For over 45 years, Service Quality Institute has provided customer service training programs and strategies to business’s all over the World.

John Tschohl is President and Founder of Service Quality Institute, the global leader in customer service.

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