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I believe in the Power of Empowerment

In my book, Empowerment, a Way of Life, I stated, “I believe that any company is only as good as its least empowered employee!”  I wanted employees to believe in themselves.  I wanted CEOs and executives to develop a truly empowered workforce.  I wanted empowered companies to get out there and crush their competition.  I … Read more

Great Service Helps Metro Bank London Grow

I have two reports Vernon Hill, Founder and CEO of Metro Bank London sent me in the last 2 weeks. In London there are 5 large banks which have about 85% market share. Metro Bank opened its doors on July 29, 2010 with 40 employees and 4 stores. Today they have over 1600 employees, 30 … Read more

Apple Cares

Apple I spent 2 hours at the Apple store a few days ago.  I have 12 Apple products for our family.  An IMac, 4 iPads (My wife, son, daughter and son-in-law) and 7 iPhones for everyone The employees at the Apple stores are always awesome. Nice, never condescending, (I am not a technology expert) smart, very knowledgeable, … Read more

Service Leaders Follow the Money

Service Leaders consistently have more revenue, make more money, plus have a stronger brand and market share. They dominate the market and crush their competition.  In this issue I will share my ideas on Apple, Metro Bank London and my investment of $1000 each in 9 service leaders in May 2003. Financially How do Service Leaders Do? (Turning … Read more