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Customer Service Diplomas

Service Quality Institute has the strongest brand in the world when it comes to Customer Service.  SQI will offer two Diplomas and two Certificates.

Graduate of Customer Service When an employee in our service culture plan successfully graduates from 7 SQI courses they will receive from SQI the Graduate of Customer Service diploma. By this time the employee has become more valuable and more skilled at customer service which gives you a better opportunity to get promoted and increase your income. If you are using our online learning we expect your success and income to increase with the credentials and Diploma. SQI will also add to our web site the names of all graduates.

Master of Customer Service This Diploma is for students who have successfully graduated from Leading Empowered Teams, Coaching for Success and 7 other SQI programs. This graduate will be in a better position to move up and receive upon graduation a significant increase in compensation. Once again this is a more valuable leader, manager, employee and customer service champion.

1. Graduate of Customer Service   7 programs  28 credits needed
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2. Master of Customer Service    9 programs  48 credits needed
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3. Certified Customer Service Champion for Facilitators

4. Certified Customer Service Organization  given to organizations  for each year they are training all their
employees.  Will be dated for each year. A service culture client will be allowed to buy one new program a year for 1/3rd the price and be provided free materials for employee tu
rnover. Employee turnover in most organizations is 25-30%. Often much higher. This is a lifetime award.

SQI provides the Diplomas and Certificates.

We issue credits for each program:

Feelings  for Professionals
Feelings Service Retail
Healthcare with Feelings
Handling Irate Customers

Empowerment: A Way of Life
Moving Up
Remember Me

Exceptional Service
Loyal for Life/Service Recovery

Coaching for Success 

The Service First Video Library

Leading Empowered Teams

SQI will issue the diplomas. We will provide our own accreditation on a worldwide basis. There are NO higher education institutions in the world delivering any programs on customer service. SQI will do this for individuals going through our online learning and companies using our 3 year service culture plan.

Benefits to Clients:
If a company could provide FREE education, diplomas and credentials to employees with NO cost to them or the student that is the concept behind this plan. If you have a company of 100, 500, 2500, 5000 or 10,000 employees and you could offer employees the opportunity to get a diploma that they can use for the rest of their life and increase their income upon graduation that is the motivation behind this plan. The company benefits from having less employee turnover, individuals wanting to move up and advance their skills.

A Company should be able to reduce their employee turnover with this formula and develop superior employees

Employee turnover averages about 25-30% for most companies. Customer Service development of their employees must never stop.

For individuals as these courses are completed they become more valuable. All online learning courses have a test that must be passed to earn their Certificate. With the Graduate of Customer Service and Master of Customer Service Diplomas their income should increase. The company if funding these courses they should also be prepared to increase the participants compensation.

SQI is offering Diplomas for all those who successfully graduate from at least 7 or 9 SQI courses. This is part of all service culture plans. We provide recognition, credentials and increased income for graduates.

We go to the University to get a degree, The objective and result is more income, status and advancement. You carry the credentials with you your entire life from job to job. If no one cared about their degree not many people would go to college. When you get a valuable degree you make more money. Customer Service is a valuable diploma. There is more value graduating from Harvard than a small college no one has heard of. Service Quality Institute is the global leader in customer service and the only organization in the world focusing solely on customer service.

If you did not make more money from going to college not many people would go. We need a strong incentive for rewarding more valuable employees. This plan should also reduce employee turnover because the organization is funding this degree and employees will have high value for each of these Degrees.

St. Thomas University in Minnesota where I graduated from charges $54,810 for a part-time MBA to $89,550 for an executive MBA. The investment for Graduate of Customer Service and Master of Customer Service are a small fraction of this.

The purpose is to help the employee see a personal and financial reward for their efforts and participation.