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About SQI

Service Quality Institute is the global leader in helping organizations keep customers, build market share and improve the performance of the entire work force by developing a culture of delivering superior customer service.

40 years of experience helping companies succeed.

1 million people trained using our system.

Tailored programs for motivating frontline employees.

Money saved and profits grown with great customer service.

Proven Process for Driving a Service Culture

Training Problem and SQI Solutions


Our Tailored Approach

A customized solution
SQI tailors, personalizes, and customizes programs to any degree your organization wants with no limitations. We will work with you to create a program that changes your employees’ attitudes and behaviors.  These programs will build morale, teamwork and communication by empowering your employees.

Eliminate 80 percent of employee’s training time.
Time is the most expensive part of training. Our programs will reduce costs of training while producing more productivity, thus greater profits.

Eliminate 95 percent of all travel expenses
All SQI training is done on site facilitated by our Certified trainers or your Certified Trainers. Zoom can be used to avoid physical classroom contact.

We Create Service Cultures For Companies
The Service Quality Institute has the largest collection of customer service programs, Flashdrives, DVDs, literature, seminars and certification programs in the world. With our proven system, businesses are able to introduce a new program every four to six months helping you create a culture change, and sustain your business’s commitment to customer service excellence. Your employees will benefit from the convenience of our Online Learning Programs, Diploma programs Master of Customer Service and Graduate of Customer Service and Certifications Seminars can be scheduled to help you drive the service culture. We will show you how to save money by introducing programs like our BAD Cost Reduction Campaign. SQI can help your organization measure its return on investment monthly, quarterly, and annually. These programs will empower your employees, increase productivity, and improve customer satisfaction. Start cultivating your Service Culture now.


Build A Service Culture In Your Business

It takes more than a once a decade rally, or 15 minutes of training when a new employee is hired. Great customer service training is like training for anything else. It takes hours of practice over years of effort. Don’t give up on the customer service in your company. Start building a service culture today.