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Apple Cares


Apple StoreI spent 2 hours at the Apple store a few days ago.  I have 12 Apple products for our family.  An IMac, 4 iPads (My wife, son, daughter and son-in-law) and 7 iPhones for everyone The employees at the Apple stores are always awesome. Nice, never condescending, (I am not a technology expert) smart, very knowledgeable, and great at customer service. They use technology. When you enter they use an iPad to take down your name and problem (they also describe on the iPad what you like) Apple has also trained AT& T and Version to do the same thing. They use your name.

The average employee at Apple is making between $15 – $20 an hour. I would rate their service a “10”.   When the store closes at 9 NO ONE will ever ask you to leave. At least twice I have been there until 9:30 and 10 PM.   Until they finish everyone is super polite and courteous. They have more employees per square foot than any other retailer in America and they are ALL busy. If you are in the store employees will ALL walk up to you and ask if they can help. NO one says…this is not my job.

It takes over 7 job interviews to get a job there. I asked Michael why he works at Apple he said, #1. The brand. Image. Cool to work at Apple. And #2, Health care is awesome. He pays about $110 a month for his health care. Includes eyes, teeth and the rest.

Sales for the last quarter were reported October 20. Revenue of $42.1 billion and $8.5 billion in profit. They sold over 10 million iPhones the first weekend they were available.

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