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My new hardcover book, Relentless will be released in September or October. The cover is below.

With the pandemic, customer service has been put on the back burner for most US firms. Customer service is the worst I have seen it in 40 years. After months of a lockdown you would think firms would be ecstatic to get customers and grow their business. I see just the opposite.

Will You & Your Organization be “Relentless”?

“Relentless” is not about implementing something new. It’s about recognizing, reaffirming and reprioritizing your goals, then using the tools you already have at your disposal, and refocusing your organizational mission.

“Relentless” must be your core operating principle: serve your customer above all things. As Vernon Hill said in his book Fans! Not Customers:

“Customers Rule. They pay our salaries.”

Everything else revolves around that conviction.

What is Relentless?

“Relentless” is:

  • An obsession with providing exceptional service to your customers.
  • A propulsive, self-directed, passion to continue to learn, improve and exceed expectations in everything you do.
  • Much like breathing, it’s essential to your being, and it never stops.
  • A race without a finish line
  • A reflection of the core principles, beliefs and attitudes of people within healthy and hugely successful businesses.

Serve the customer.

When in doubt, see RULE NUMBER 1.