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Happy Employees Mean Happy Customers

Ensuring an efficient and quality customer service takes a great deal of training and coordination. Focusing on each department in your company to make it a smoothly operating machine takes not only focus on the customer, but on the employee themselves.

When customers become friends instead of antagonists of an informed service, a job is far more pleasant for an employee than a clock-watching job that is so boring it is hard to get up in the morning.  Providing training and constant communication to employees is the kind of job that employees try to keep.

When employees are “in the know” about company objectives and programs, they identify with them. They are motivated to promote company interests if communications to them stress their value in achieving objectives.

Treat employees as if they have a need to know how the company is faring in customer satisfaction.  Actually, they do have a need to know.  They’re the ones who bear primary responsibility for providing service that satisfies customers.

When a workforce is highly motivated, turnover and recruitment problems tend to solve themselves.  If you regularly reinforce motivation, you end up with more experienced employees who deliver better service. 

Once employees are delivering quality service, you will have a powerful restraint on turnover. When employees are “empowered”, the boss’s real role is to serve the employee, and the purpose of the employee becomes to serve the customer.

Happy employees mean happy customers. Giving your employees something to focus on for their future, and the tools to do so, is what will keep your customers happy and employee turnover low.


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