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How to Take Advantage of COVID- 19 to Increase Sales

Most firms this year have eliminated or cut back on customer service. This is a serious mistake and an opportunity for you to grab market share and sales.

Everyone is avoiding customers. Phones and are not answered or it takes 5-20 times longer than normal. The offices are closed. Vail Resorts I always considered a customer service role model. Today they have moved from a “10” to a “1” Schwab has closed all of its offices. Everything is now done over the phone and Internet.

I visited today a lock and key company, Floyds in Bloomington for the first time. Needed a duplicate key. They built a new secured entrance because of COVID-19. The man never said hi, good afternoon or welcome. I said  I needed a duplicate key and he went to work. No communication. No smile. No words.  Another employee came along after the key was made who was helpful and took care of the payment. He never said anything to me. This is my first and hopefully my last visit to this small business in Bloomington. I suspect in Bloomington there are 50 -100 places keys can be made.

In 1979 before many of you were born I wrote Feelings the first customer service program ever created. It was rolled out in January 1980 and based on these 6 principles. Programs For Employees – Service Quality Institute ( I started the focus on customer service with a very simple premise. Treat everyone like a King or a Queen and they will reward you with more business, word of mouth and more sales. This works even more with COVID- 19

  1. Feel Good About Yourself
  2. Practice Habits of Courtesy
  3. Give Positive Spoken Strokes/Communication
  4. Perform for the Customer
  5. Listen Carefully
  6. Learn and Grow in Your Job.

Very few employees have been trained on how to deliver exceptional relentless Customer Service. It takes seconds for an employee to be courteous or say positive upbeat comments. Very few employees listen to the customer. Too many do not deliver on what they promise. Not enough employees really know their products and many employees because of their personal life and family problems do not feel good about themselves.

If you want to make a difference in 2021 train all your employees in customer service. Start with management since most employees emulate their management. Make sure IT is trained on the soft skills. Everyone needs to deliver exceptional relentless customer service. The individual that you think is the least important can do you the most damage and the most good. Build a high performing customer-driven team. No high school, college or university in the world will train their students on customer service. It is up to your firm to invest in your employees.