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Moving Up in your Company

Hi, I’m John Tschohl, president of Service Quality Institute. I’d like to talk to you about our new program “Moving Up.” This is the leader’s guide, the facilitator manual that’s both idiot proof and goof proof. I believe that approximately two thirds of our workforce just show up. People put in kind of what they get paid for and not much more. There’s no real extra efforts. The purpose of “Moving Up” is to get people to believe in themselves, to get employees to want to become indispensable and extraordinary.

I believe that one of the problems I have with our customer service programs is that we’re focusing on improving the performance of employees and there’s a whole lot of employees that say, “You don’t understand, John. I’m just a janitor. I’m just a secretary. I’m just a loan officer.”

We have all these self‑imposed limitations that prevent us from accomplishing what we’re trying to do. The purpose of “Moving Up” is to get employees believe in themselves so they can understand the potential that they have.

I believe, if we can get employees to remove their self‑imposed limitations, to dream, to visualize, to use affirmations, to move up, to want to become more successful, your organization can accomplish almost anything.

The obstacle that we face is that there’s a whole lot of employees that are just sitting around taking it a little bit easy and they say, “You know what? I don’t have your education. I don’t have your good looks. I don’t have your potential.” Baloney.

There’s not any reason, that each of your employees could not become more successful. The only obstacle we got, is to get them to believe in themselves. That’s the purpose of “Moving Up.”

This is a two session program implemented in two sessions of anywhere between three to four hours each. We have a user‑friendly leader’s guide that everybody gets that’s going to facilitate the program.

Then, we have two different DVDs. One for each session. Each DVD might be about 25 minutes long. In that three hours or so, you’re going to stop the tape, you’re going to watch the video.

The facilitator guide will tell you exactly what to do. You’re going to have maybe 15 or 20 minutes of group discussion and group interaction. Then, each employee gets a participant book.

Without this, again, you’re going to expand the training time. It’s a tutorial book with lots of white space, easy to read, and easy to internalize. A person reads the book in between the sessions.

All the exercises are used throughout the two seminars. This, again, provides a different element for them to believe in themselves. We use some video that they can understand; they can visualize.

Number two, we use a leader’s guide, so that you can very easily facilitate the program. Then, we use a participant book to build on the message.

Then, most importantly, we have a little technique card that reinforces the message. A Certificate of Completion that each graduate gets.

Then, the last item is a customer service preferment standard that measures the impact and the behavior that we’re teaching.

The purpose of “Moving Up,” is to take your total work force and to get people to believe in themselves to want to become more successful, to want to make more money, to want to move up.

Let me tell you what, you don’t move up by just showing up. You got to be good at what you’re doing. That is the purpose of “Moving Up.” I know you’ll enjoy it.

Take a look at our website. We have an introductory offer. We have a money back guarantee on anything you use with our programs. Thank you very much. I’m John Tschohl.

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