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The Customer Service Empowerment Revolution

The Wall Street Journal had a Review published on Saturday, entitled “The Customer As A God“, that lays out a view of the future where customers are totally empowered.  I encourage you to check out the article.  Then ask yourself whether your organization treats your customers as if they are cattle.  If you have a ‘herd’ or ‘target’ mentality or point of view on your customers or the audiences that you serve, you may be in danger of becoming a dinosaur.  The way to prepare and ensure the future viability of your organization is through building a customer-centered organization, where customer service is the name of the game.

Too few firms understand how important customer service and empowerment is. The four main cell phone carriers are not role models for customer service. Their monopoly attitude limits their ability to respond to customers with the focus they need.

The problem with empowerment is many employees are reluctant to use it knowing in their heart they will get fired. CEOs of organizations would love employees to be empowered.  The bad news is no one has trained anyone on empowerment and most organizations are loaded with rules, policies, and procedures. Many of them dumb.  Customer driven organizations understand first they are in customer service not in retail, banking, health care etc. Then they develop an empowered customer driven work force

Empowerment is the only way for any organization to separate itself from the pack. It takes across the world almost 2 miracles at the same time to get employees to make empowered decisions. Customer retention strategies will help you create unlimited revenue. 

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