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Why Creating Great Customer Service Is Essential

Case Study: Lifetime Fitness  Bloomington, MN

I recently signed up for personal training at the Bloomington South Lifetime Fitness, and was reminded why creating a wow customer service experience is essential.

After signing up for personal training with a trainer I had connected with and liked, she left Lifetime Fitness for a different job before my training was up. I expected my money to be refunded since I had no interest in continuing my training with someone else. I was shocked when I found out that was not the case. They refused to refund my money for any unused training.

This kind of customer service is unacceptable. Not only will I not go back to Lifetime Fitness, but I am so frustrated that I wrote this review for anybody to read online. My bet is that if Lifetime Fitness had known the steps to service recovery, I would have kept my business with them and left a happy customer.

The 4 Steps to Service Recovery:

  • Take Responsibility
  • Act Quickly
  • Be Empowered
  • Compensate

My suspicion is they are desperate for money.  If you currently go to Lifetime Fitness, be careful what you agree to do with them both verbally and in writing because you will not get your money back for training that has not been used when your trainer leaves before the training is complete. Better yet, change to a different work out center that exemplifies outstanding customer service.

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