NO Ifs, NO Ands and No Buts. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

A Relentless Model Starting 1995 -2020 Using a Service Guarantee

I started working with Tom Raffio of Delta Dental in 1990 with the Guarantee of Service Excellence when Tom and Bob Hunter implemented it on April 1, 1990, at Delta Dental of Massachusetts. In 1995 when he became CEO of Northeast Delta Dental Tom again implemented the Service Guarantee

Tom is Relentless. Now focusing on the Guarantee of Service Excellence for 21 years. NO one in the world has copied him. NO ONE. Market Share in New Hampshire is 70%, 60% in Vermont, and 50% in Maine. This is an insurance company selling dental insurance. Most insurance companies would give their right arm to have a market share like this.

I have featured Northeast Delta Dental in my book Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service and in my most recent book Relentless: Making Customer Service Your Core Principle you can learn a lot by following Raffio and Northeast Delta Dental

One of the reasons most organizations are not customer-driven is they have no idea of the financial impact of great service. The details enclosed are hard numbers with year after year incredible results. When Tom became President of Northeast Delta Dental in 1995 he immediately implemented the same Service Guarantee which worked so well in Massachusetts They identified the top 8 things of concern to their customers. They sell dental insurance to companies who in turn have employees and family members who use the insurance. Most organizations when they don’t deliver the critical elements of their business say, I am sorry. Raffio instead pays MONEY for each time they fail to achieve their guarantee. Not love, not empty promises. Not I am sorry. Money.

In 2020, their total payouts were only $4,016. The results for each year, starting in 1995, are on our website.

As you review the detailed information a company (employer) would be a group purchaser, and its employees would be the subscribers.

An example: One group purchaser. 25 subscribers. (the employees of the employer) About 50 to 75 covered lives. (depends on how many dependents the subscriber has)

They measure this each month and every year. Customers love the guarantee because it gives them peace of mind. NO other firm in the world has followed in their footsteps. They execute without fail each month of the most critical elements their customers demand.

2020 Statistics

Total 2020 revenue was $359,849,637 Total 2020 net income was $11,017,071

Northeast Delta Dental is a non-profit. The Reserve/Surplus is $156,422,868 vs $8,573,838 when Raffio started in 1995 as CEO with the GOSE (Guarantee of Service Excellence) plan.

Primary subscribers 496,509

Cover individuals 938,016

2020 Training Summary

Total Full-Time Employees are 173

Amount spent on training in 2020 was $223,473

Dollars per Full Time Employee = $1,293

Percentage of payroll spent on training = 1.55%

They also gave away $27 million COVID-19 Relief. Look at the link.

The results are also on our website. See Delta Dental Results

Everyone reading this could copy the Service Guarantee and customize it for their organization. If you would like a 70% market share you might find this is a powerful way to improving revenue and the value of your business.