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The Magic of the Customer Experience

There are so many elements that make up the customer experience. To some, it is courtesy. To others its speed.

To some, it is knowing about your products and services

The obstacle many of us face is we think we’re awesome at customer service. We reinforce this with fake surveys which organizations spend a lot of money on. In the US virtually every company has to survey you with each transaction. Too often the survey does not reflect the concerns which you are most interested in. There is almost no chance a problem you need solved on the survey will be responded to. Too many organizations spend money in the wrong area.

When I released Feelings in January 1980, it was the world’s first customer service training program. Feelings was based on six core principles which are just as relevant today. It has been upgraded over 20 times but the principles and values are still the same.

The Personal Success Plan can be viewed here in greater detail or to print and frame.

  1. Feel Good About Yourself

Most employees have personal problems. Problems at home and the office slow us down. Probably the most important foundation for Feelings our flagship programs.

  1. Practice Habits of Courtesy

I think most people think this is all there is to customer service. Critical to great service but just one of many steps.

  1. Give Positive Spoken Communication

Few people realize we can read you body language and tone of voice. There are NO educational systems in the world that teach these fundamentals. We all know many of these skills the problem is we forget. How often does the employee smile, look at you and call you by your name.

  1. Perform for the Customer

We can be the nicest person on the planet but if you do not do what you said you are going to do you have lousy customer service. This is also part of speed.

  1. Listen Carefully

Not enough employees listen. We are too busy talking. Often employees have no grasp of what you really want.

  1. Learn and Grow in Your Job

You can tell in seconds if the employee really knows their product or service. We trust those who do.

Almost every bad customer experience had one or more of these principles go wrong. Organizations are reluctant to develop there entire staff. About 99% of all transactions are with your front line staff. Globally these people are the least trained. least valued and least paid. If you want to dramatically improve your service train everyone on your staff every few months with something new and fresh. When I started we had Feelings and when clients asked what is next I did not know any better and said put them back through Feelings. Today we have over 26 different programs, seminars and books to choose from. Twelve programs are online.

A firm can go as slow or as fast as they want. Programs can be implemented on-site by your own trainers and our channel partners offer Train-the-Trainers seminars when needed. For organizations serious about the magic of the customer experience who want to develop a service culture we offer a 3-year buffet and service culture plan with a 50% discount on pricing. With a buffet, you can eat as much as you want, go back as often as you want to choose anything on the table. Visit here for more details. We offer 3 new programs a year for 3 years with NO charge for replacement materials to cover employee turnover.

SQI offers a free Diploma program for graduates of our programs. Olga Ivanitckaia, founder of Professional Mystery Shopper and Customer Service blogger from Russia is the first person that will receive both our Master of Customer Service and Graduate of Customer Service