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Amazing Results – Metro Bank 5th Anniversary July 29, 2015


Everything at Metro Bank is built around customer service. They spend NO money on advertising. How many firms can go from 4 locations and 40 employees and go to 1,800 employees, 36 locations and $7.8 billion in assets. Within another 5 years they will achieve $38 billion in deposits.  (The information below is from Vernon Hill the Founder/Chairman of Metro Bank.)


July 29, 2010



  1. surprise (someone) greatly; fill with astonishment.


The Revolution in British Banking began with the opening of Metro Bank, the first new British High Street Retail Bank in 100+ years. Dedicated to building “Fans not Customers”, Metro Bank began its quest to redefine banking with an unwavering focus on service and convenience.  The skeptics said… U.K. banking could not be changed.   The customers said… finally we have a choice and have overwhelmingly embraced Metro Bank.

July 29, 2015



  1. causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing.


On our fifth anniversary, Metro Bank has exceeded all expectations.

  • Customer accounts have surpassed 500,000
  • Capital raised exceeded £640 ($998 USD) million
  • 36 Metro Stores, growing at 1+ per month


Our customers have embraced our model and vision.

  • Customer satisfaction is 93%, the highest in Britain
  • Net Promoter Score (what percentage of our customers will recommend us to a friend) is 79%, the highest in Britain
  • Total assets have exceeded £5 ($7.8 USD) billion
  • Total loans have exceeded £2 ($3.12USD) billion


None of this could have been achieved without the dedication and enthusiasm of our 1,800 team members.  Thank you for your efforts.

By July 29, 2020

In the next five years we expect to grow five times to £25 ($39 USD ) billion in deposits.  To our team, your opportunities are endless.  We want and need you to be all you can be. 


No Bank in Europe or America has produced the growth and results of Metro Bank.  Our clear and unique business model, supported by our intense and pervasive culture, has delivered fanatical execution, creating the foundation for an unlimited future. 

 Note:  We think that Roget’s 21st Century Thesaurus should include under it’s list of adjectives and verbs describing the word “amazing”… Metro Bank London!

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