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Customer Service Strategy for Transportation Industry

Watch Customer Service Strategy for Transportation Industry

Hi, I’m John Tschohl.

I’d like to talk about customer service strategy for the transportation industry. If there’s an industry where it’s more difficult, more fragile, more things can go wrong, it’s probably the transportation industry. There’s a variety of things I talk about in terms of how do we create this incredible customer experience?

Number one, we got to take a look at some of the systems and policies and procedures that we have in place, that are crazy, that irritate customers.

Number two, we have to empower our employees to be able to make very fast decisions.

Number three, we have to train and educate every single employee we have so they can deliver an incredible customer service in the transportation industry.

Number four, we have got to have empowerment. That means every single employee has to be able to make fast and power decisions on the spot.

I’m not talking about how do you just improve the performance of people. I’m talking about how do you own the market? How do you dominate the market? The most fragile thing you have is not the plane, or a bus, or any vehicle that you’re using. It’s your people. You have about two or three seconds for them to turn on the customer and to make an impact with your customer.

Being good is nice. But it’s not going to get you any gold medals. It’s not going to get you into the Olympics. The only way for you to own the customer, to create this loyalty factor, is for every single employee you have to deliver this incredible, awesome customer service til they smile. When somebody gets on the plane, do they use the customer’s name? Whether it be a bus … I don’t care what method of transportation. Do we use the customer’s name? Do we let them know, in the two or three seconds with our body language, how much we care or how important they are to us? Or are we just kind of a routine process just to move them off and move them out?

All my research shows that companies that can deliver an incredible customer experience, can improve their brand. They can improve dramatically their sales. They can improve the value of their business by over 25%. That’s a very conservative number. Now the reason most companies don’t deliver great customer service, is everything I’m talking about. Takes work. Not a lot of money, but it takes real effort. I’m counting on you in the transportation industry to deliver an incredible customer experience.


Thank you.

Customer Service Strategy

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